Why does NBC keep Disrespecting Andrew Yang? Because Joe Biden is their Candidate.

Just read this little diddy.

  • Comcast is the parent company of MSNBC and NBC.
  • Andrew Yang’s mic was turned off periodically during the first debate on MSNBC.
  • Yang has been consistently left out of MSNBC and NBC graphics that were to illustrate who would be on the debate stage.
  • Some of the people in the graphics were polling lower than Andrew Yang.
  • Joe Biden is heavily backed and funded by the executives of the Comcast NBC media group brass.

In my opinion, they are tipping the scales by allowing Biden more talking time during the debates. Ask yourself is this all really just a coincidence?

Andrew Yang is really special, when you listen to the man talk, he makes a lot of sense. At no time does the bullshit alarm go off. Isn’t that is a rare trait for someone running for office? This guy is for real!

His entire platform has been thoroughly thought out, and it’s all interconnected with the #FreedomDividend as a SOLID foundation.

I’ve been voting since the early 90’s and I have NEVER been this excited for a candidate or a Presidential election. I know it is going to be all up hill against the entrenched establishment. We are witnessing it happen right before our eyes. They see Andrew Yang as a threat, because he is a threat to the way they do business. That’s why we can’t let them buy this election, not this time, not anymore. Andrew Yang is giving us a path to get our democracy back.

Will we rise to meet this challenge?

Will we help Andrew Yang get into the White House and make it happen?


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