Shareholder’s Chat

We’ve created a chat room for #YangGang members who are dedicated to the Andrew Yang campaign 100% and have donated with either their time or money to help the campaign.

The “Shareholder’s Chat” is now live!

This chat was created in an effort to bring everyone together in one place because so many people are spread across different apps (Twitter/Facebook etc.) Join the chat today! There is no limit to the people that can be added!

The chat room is private and password protected. In order to gain access we ask that you please confirm with us that you are someone who meets the above requirements.

Send an email or slide in my DMs on Twitter to get access to the chatroom ASAP!

We look forward to seeing every single one of the amazing members of the Yang Gang there! Thank you all so much! #YangGangLove

Skeletor 🧢

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