The Yang Solicitation Set

Have you ever had a political conversation about Yang that consisted of misinformation and the usual:

Just start dig right in with as many policies as you can
It’s like most of the time when the answer is provided they simply self destruct and unfollow the conversation
Mentioning the logic in his statement is cool, but you need to remind the person that this is a scholar. If I had a coin for all my mentions of Yang…
There also must be an emotional response. If you brow beat your Ally they perhaps won’t see diplomacy. So, if you mention all the facts, and you mention Yang’s background, make sure to keep it light and know that it’s sensibly frustrating to be told you’re wrong on one of your worldviews. Compassion is knowing how to ease back and make your friend laugh or empathize.
The alternative would be to absurdly reach for the stars and see that you are simply moving too quickly to adhere your thoughts to the English language.


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