Covid 19 Silver Lining

This is a rough time for humanity world wide. It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago things were normal. I must say for me the shock of what was happening took a while to sink in. My side gig UBER and LYFT just dried up, no one was flying into Seattle, the Airport went quiet. There were empty streets in downtown Seattle and parking was available! It was a creepy end of the world type feeling. It started to get real.

Then the mandatory stay home order from the Governor of Washington erased whatever semblance of normal we had left. My wife got laid off, then disqualified for unemployment benefits. She got approved a week later after an appeal, but that was fing stressful. It’s been devastating for everyone, even those that are still getting by are having family move home with them, and having to help others. People are losing their jobs like we’ve never seen before. There’s been a lot of blame and pointing fingers for who’s fault it is for letting this happen to us. The truth is it’s almost impossible to stop the spread of COVID 19 in a free society, when we have people from all over the world coming and going. We are a global community, this is a global pandemic. It was bound to happen sometime, eventually. Some of us will lose loved ones, some already have and some of us will die. It’s terrifying.

I can’t help but focus on some of the good that has come from this nightmare. I’m seeing acts of kindness I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Strangers help strangers, grocery clerks, food service workers and other critical workers still showing up to work and helping people get their basic needs met. Nurses, Doctors and First Responders risking their lives to help patients recover from this vicious virus. All of you are heros, you just keep going, you do what you have to do in the face of all this devastation. I feel proud of humanity right now. It gives me hope. We’ve been dealt a crappy hand and I see the world coming together to fight this thing.

I’m a person who needs to focus on the positive. I believe by being positive I help those around me to stay positive. Even when everything really sucks, I try to focus on what matters most, taking care of my family. Taking every available opportunity to be in the moment, just love and appreciate everyone and everything while I still can. COVID 19 has and continues to take so much away from us. COVID can also show us how to live. Cherish every minute, tell your loved ones you love them, squeeze them and hug them and enjoy the sudden abundance of free time(if you have it). I’m getting to know my wife of 13 years and my two young children even more. Usually one parent is at work while the other stays with the kids. We are usually more like roommates than a family. We are all together every day most of the day and it is probably how it’s supposed to be. We actually have time to go for walks together, exercise take an online course and learn something new. I feel fortunate to have this time with my family and still have a roof over our heads. I feel horrible for the millions of people that have it so much worse. I believe we will get through this though. When we do, we will be stronger, and better prepared for the next go. Help is on the way, it may not be much but we’ll take it and make due. Please stay strong, keep fighting, don’t give up. If you can, help someone that needs it.

You know.