Flip The Script

There is a chance for humanity to change the way we see ourselves and the environment we live in as we face the tragic pandemic currently tearing down the foundation and structure of our global society.

We need to take this moment in history and flip the script. Taking one of the worst tragedies in history and using it as the fuel to fire a movement towards a fair and sustainable future for all.

In order to create a new and better society and achieve victory over the challenging times ahead of us, we need to remain laser focused on the goal of creating a fair and sustainable society that enables all people to live happy and healthy lives. Rather than being focused on the political theater and grudges as we have in the past, we need to flip the script, and focus on seizing this moment to advance goals we have been failing to accomplish for too long.

We currently define ourselves by our job or career, religious and political beliefs, and of course material possessions and wealth. Along with those definitions comes the standard of living and options for advancement that are made available to each person.

This type of categorization of people has led us to where we’re at now in society where people seem more interested in picking a side and digging into what divides us than realizing we’re all human and need to work together toward the best solutions, regardless of religious or political differences of opinion. Again, we need to flip the script.

We need to start thinking of ourselves as human beings with the same basic needs.

All of us are part of the same group working together on one planet to create the best possible society for all living things. We can all have our own ideas, identities and beliefs about the World, while at the same time working together and making fair compromises towards the common goal of creating a sustainable society which provides a happy and healthy life for all people.

Let’s get to work!

-Skeletor 🧢

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